The Physicochemical Properties Of Cellophane Paper

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Cellophane is a highly transparent and shiny regenerated cellulose film. There are flat paper and web paper. Quantitative 30~60g/㎡. Colorless, can also be dyed into a variety of colors. Paper soft, transparent and smooth, no perforations, airtight, not through oil, impervious. There is moderate stiffness. It has good tensile strength, gloss and printability. The production method is different from papermaking, which is similar to the rayon process. The refined chemical wood pulp with high α-cellulose content and the cotton short cashmere dissolving pulp are used as raw materials, alkali cellulose is prepared by the process of alkaline (18% sodium hydroxide), crushing and crushing, then after aging, adding carbon to make it yellow into cellulose xanthate, dissolved by sodium hydroxide solution is made of orange cellulose glue. The viscose is cooked and processed at 20~30℃ temperature, and the impurities are filtered and the bubbles are removed, the film machine is then extruded from a narrow gap, into a coagulation bath of sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate mixture, forming a membrane (regenerated cellulose film), then washed, desulphurization, bleaching, desalting and plasticizing (glycerol and ethylene glycol, etc.). And so on, and finally made of dry. For pharmaceuticals, food, cigarettes, textiles, cosmetics, precision instruments and other goods packaging.

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