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Where to purchase the EVA Cube or EVA sheet
- 2022-04-02 -

EVA characteristics:the first grade EVA environmental protection material waterproof moisture-proof and anti-static, can be cleaned at any time

EVA material is non-toxic, harmless, soft, waterproof, fadeless and elastic. It is the most safe, convenient and high-quality light industrial raw material in modern times.Applied in children’s products, to ensure children in the play at the same time without any damage, to avoid the traditional toys is hard and easy hurt, paint rub off easily poisoning, block see the shortcomings of wet easy to loose。

Hunan Raco Enterprises Co.,Ltd are proffessional manufactory for Eva series products, mainly including Eva Foam/rolls, Eva floor MATS, children Eva puzzle toys, yoga MATS, Eva shoes, etc.


The products are mainly sold to the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, Middle East and southeast Asia countries.

Know more,please contact here  http://www.racoarts.com/eva-foam/