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The value of origami paper
- 2022-04-02 -

For children, origami games have many benefits. Origami can exercise the child’s finger flexibility, develop their hands-on and innovative capabilities; Origami must be done step-by-step, in the process, the child can also develop a step-by-step, a good habit of doing things, can also cultivate their observation and attention; Because of the plasticity of origami, it can be said to be ever-changing, So, through origami can develop children’s creativity, imagination and image thinking ability, life of goods, small animals, transportation, etc. into the image of origami, in the process, the child’s space imagination can also be improved.

For the elderly, origami games can not only help them to open their brains, active thinking, so as to achieve the hand, eyes, brain trinity of comprehensive coordination, but also to prevent the elderly memory decline, some nursing homes, with origami as a treatment for the rehabilitation of patients.

“Origami Mathematics”, which is derived from origami, is proved by formula: Theoretically any geometrical form can be simulated with origami. With the aid of computer software, today’s origami researchers can fold more complex graphics than ever before.

On the other hand, modern origami is not just an art, but a new science: Origami Math. It is used in artificial satellite solar panels, Car airbag storage methods, and even the Hubble Space Telescope structural design is partly benefited from the help of origami mathematics.