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The specific characteristic of curtain of different material
- 2022-04-02 -

At present, the popular curtain fabrics in the curtain fabric market have cotton, polyester cotton, flax, knitted polyester and all kinds of blended fabrics.

Finished curtain joins to tell everybody, because different material, the price difference of the curtain is very big, they are also different to the applicability of all sorts of adornment method.

Follow finished product curtain to join a company to see their specific feature.

(1) Polyester cotton curtain: the fabric is light and elegant, and the pattern is beautiful.

If cool colors like green and blue are used, elegance and comfort can be added.

(2) hemp curtain: the flower shape is concave and convex, the three-dimensional sense is strong, the color is rich, the fine and uniform, the drape is high, the grade is high.

(3) Knitted polyester wire drawing warp: mesh woven flower, bright pattern, strong three-dimensional sense, comfortable and refreshing.

(4) Fancy fabric and velveteen: the fabric is thick and colorful.

The flower pattern has a three-dimensional effect, the price is moderate, elegant and solemn.

Additional, the thickness of the curtain is different on the function.

Such as thin curtains, strong sunlight can be turned into thin and soft immersive light, which can not only keep the sun, but also keep the room bright and smooth.

Thick flower crepe and velveteen curtains help prevent noise.