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How to keep the release paper dry
- 2022-04-06 -

Release paper (release film) is also called release paper, release paper, and silicone oil paper. It is a kind of anti-sticking paper that prevents the prepreg from sticking and protects the prepreg from contamination. In daily life, we all know that paper is easy to absorb water. Because the main component of paper is natural plant fiber, its cell wall contains components such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Therefore, whether it is in the workshop that produces release paper or the factory that uses release paper, it is necessary to ensure the dryness of the release paper. So how can we ensure the dryness of the release paper? Today, the editor will tell you about it.

The first is to adjust the humidity of the release paper. We try to adopt a more natural method. The editor tells you a simple method: put the paper in a sealed room and use several electric heaters to increase the temperature in the room. Because once the indoor temperature rises, the relative humidity of the air will drop significantly, so that the excess moisture absorbed in the paper can be quickly released.

Also, take care of the release paper and try not to let the release paper absorb more excess water. We can wrap the finished release paper with plastic film or woven bag to reduce the influence of external moisture on it.

So the editor is briefly telling you about the storage method of release paper!

Release paper storage: Keep it in a dry, cool, ventilated and clean warehouse to prevent sun and rain, keep it clean, and prevent package damage. The warehouse should be equipped with moisture-proof facilities, free of rodents, pests and other damages, and should be kept at an appropriate distance from the wall and ceiling during storage, and the floor should be padded.


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