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How to distinguish pet acrylic and silicone protective film?
- 2022-04-06 -

There are many types of protective films. According to the material, there are pet acrylic protective film, pet silicone protective film, acrylic and silicone protective film are based on pet film (polyester), but the difference between the two is still very big. of,

The difference between acrylic and silicone protective film:

Acrylic protective film has a wide range of uses, with high or low viscosity, and can be used on many products at a slightly lower price.

Silicone protective film is mainly suitable for use on glass surface or high-gloss products, because it has the function of exhaust, and this protective film has better high temperature and low temperature resistance than acrylic glue, but the price is slightly higher. If the acrylic glue is scraped strongly, powder will fall off, and if the customer’s requirements are high, there will be residual glue. Silica gel does not produce bubbles, but it is easy to produce ghost images.

The difference in performance:

At present, most of the PET protective films we use are with silica gel, and the use of silica gel is wider than that of acrylic glue. For example, the PET protective film used in large quantities for pasting screens requires silica gel, and the protective film of silica gel is better than Acrylic glue can withstand higher temperatures. Acrylic protective film is mainly used for packaging high-gloss products and as a membrane switch. This is a cheap and easy-to-use film.

When we get a PET protective film product, how do we distinguish between the acrylic protective film and the silicone protective film? The simple and fast method is to scrape the rubber surface of the protective film by hand, and no glue and powder are produced. Silicone rubber is used, while acrylic rubber is used on the contrary. Therefore, silica gel is also called powder-free rubber.

The above has introduced the difference between acrylic and silicone protective film, and the method of difference. Choose pet protective film to distinguish according to this method.