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How to distinguish between good and bad wallpapers
- 2022-04-02 -

At present, the common wallpapers on the market are mainly PVC, non-woven fabrics, non-woven paper, pulp, etc. Among them, non-woven fabrics, non-woven paper, pulp, etc., which have good quality and relatively high environmental protection, are mainly used for low-grade wallpaper The hand feels hard, and the anti-mildew breathability is relatively poor. However, in order to obtain high profits, some bad businesses often occur when the charge is good.

Five tricks to teach you how to identify the quality of the wallpaper. The color and interface identify the quality of the wallpaper. First, check whether the color on the surface of the wallpaper is uniform, whether there is color difference, bleeding, and blur. Usually, the clearer the pattern, the better. Good; the second is to look at the weaving number and fineness, mainly for non-woven fabrics and wall coverings, etc., both sides must be seen, usually the higher the surface fabric density, the better the quality. In addition, you can see the wallpaper interface through the wallpaper shop samples. Generally, the paper wallpaper interface is poor, and the interface will be worn and fluffed if you turn it over. Some people think that the thicker the wallpaper, the better. This is a misunderstanding. “The quality of wallpaper is mainly related to paper quality, craftsmanship, and toughness. There is no direct relationship between thickness and thickness.” When identifying wallpapers by hand, the most important thing is to look at the feel and toughness, especially the flocking wallpaper, which is the easiest to feel. The difference between good and bad, usually the softer and more comfortable the hand feels, the better the quality and the stronger the flexibility. However, if the domestic wallpaper and imported wallpaper are made of the same material, the imported wallpaper will be relatively thick and dense. The real environmentally friendly wallpaper is odorless, but if it is made of inferior materials, it will have a pungent odor, which can be smelled if you touch it carefully.