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Characteristics And Uses Of Flocking Paper
- 2022-03-28 -

Flocking paper, also known as electrostatic flocking paper, is the use of electrostatic flocking technology to get the processing paper.

Bright color. Soft and full of elasticity, like a tapestry. On the substrate surface, or only in the specific parts of the pattern, coated with thermoplastic resin, dyed with a variety of colors of short fibers (such as fluff, nylon, wool, etc., length 0.2~1.6mm) planted in the coating site. After direct current, by the magnetic force, the charge is easier to concentrate on the tip of the short fiber, so that “upright” short fibers are adhered to the base paper and made.

It can be used as interior wall decoration material of aircraft, yacht, broadcasting room and TV Hall. Also used for prizes, badges box lining, as well as advanced arts and crafts products, such as interior decoration materials.